The Great Barrier Reef's New Island Resort Community is coming

The Project

Pacificus is a private sector project of both state and regional significance that will create a focal point for tourism, acting as a catalyst to a range of other tourism investments in the Gladstone region.
The first world-class international and domestic tourism destination within the pristine beaches, islands, national parks and coastal communities that comprise the spectacular Southern Great Barrier Reef Region.

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An Island Paradise

Pacificus Island is located on Hummock Hill Island just 30 kilometres south of Gladstone, 15km from the Bruce Highway in close proximity to major transport access including air, rail and the national highway.

Where is Pacificus?

Recreation and Community

Adventure and Relaxation await at Pacificus

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Project Precincts

The masterplan design of Pacificus will offer a wide range of accommodation options…

Restaurants and Shops

Spoil yourself and enjoy the many dining and shopping destinations that Pacificus has to offer.

Regional Tourism

Experience the beauty of the North Queensland’s golden beaches, marine wildlife and the beauty of the stunning Great Barrier Reef.

Beautiful Beaches

Feel the soft warmth of the sand as you take your morning walk along the golden beaches of Pacificus in North Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef region.

Ocean Views

Enjoy the stunning views of one of the seven natural wonders of the world, the Great Barrier Reef. As the turquoise water and rich golden sands beckon.

Environment and Sustainability

Reduced Emissions

Reduced greenhouse gas emissions and improved air quality

Reduced Consumption

Reduced consumption, minimised waste and properly managed hazardous waste


More effective land use planning, environmental protection and pollution controls

Renewable energy

More efficient use of energy and greater use of renewable energy resources


Protection of biological diversity


Sustainable use and management of land and water resources


Local economic development and employment growth


Greater community wellbeing and concern for key social issues