Pacificus on Hummock Hill is located 30 kilometres south of Gladstone, 15km from the Bruce Highway and within close proximity to major transport links including air and rail. The island adjoins the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and is separated from the mainland by a narrow, shallow causeway, across which for generations, cattle were driven for grazing.

Pacificus is a private sector project of both state and regional significance and will create a focal point for tourism, and act as a catalyst to a range of other tourism investment in the Gladstone region. Pacificus will attract international and domestic visitors, and also provide the Southern GBR and Gladstone community with an exciting array of high quality leisure facilities not currently available in the region.

Pacificus will directly generate over 3,200 jobs. New positions in planning, design, environmental management, engineering, construction supervision, contracting, skilled trades, equipment operation, building and landscaping will be created, including a strong component of apprenticeships. Pacificus intends to use local contractors and tradesmen providing significant employment opportunities in the local community.

Over 700 permanent jobs in tourism and supporting industries will be generated. Flow-on expenditure from Pacificus, particularly from tourism, is expected to generate substantial job opportunities in both the local and regional labour markets. At the state level, tourism expenditure from the project is estimated to generate up to 850 flow-on jobs per annum by 2029. In particular the Project will provide employment opportunities for young people in the region thereby mitigating youth migration.

Ninety percent of the Island will be rehabilitated and declared a permanent conservation area after more than one hundred years of use for cattle grazing and timber harvesting.
The project’s scale and diversity will offer rewarding career opportunities to a wide cross-section of employment groups – particularly younger people – in the tourism and services sectors. No longer will they have to move away from the Gladstone region, being able to secure quality jobs near their families and existing social networks.