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Pacificus is an integrated tourism resort community located that will be located on Hummock Hill Island on the Great Barrier Reef, just 35km south-east of Gladstone Airport. The creation of an iconic entryway bridge will make Pacificus the the only resort Island in the Great Barrier Reef accessible by road.


There is no other tourism development of this quality and scale in the wider Gladstone Region. The natural environment, waterways, sceneries, and unique accessibility provides the ideal site for what is the first entirely new integrated tourism resort to be created on a Great Barrier Reef Island in 30 years. 


Outstanding beauty and tranquillity, ideal year-round sub-tropical temperatures, and world-class development and infrastructure features, Pacificus will attract international, inter-state, and local visitors and will put Gladstone on the Queensland tourism map.,


Pacificus presents an opportunity for the Gladstone Region to diversify its economy, and underpin it with a high quality tourism experience. Additionally, Pacificus will enhance the value and opportunities for other existing tourism offerings in the surrounding region. 

With a development footprint of approximately 10% of the total island and the remainder of the island retained, enhanced and protected in its natural state, the project offers both visitors and locals world-class cultural and recreational facilities otherwise not available in this part of the Central Queensland coastline. Pacificus will provide pedestrian access to the beach (currently not available), as well as passive recreation (such as walking trails, cycling paths, parklands, pools, sculpture gardens, modern camping areas), cinemas, cafes, and restaurants in a tourism resort town centre, and a variety of state-of-the-art tourism offerings and cultural experiences. 


The project’s infrastructure places no burden on local government and will be completed in stages with appropriate bonding and insurances ensuring the completion of each stage. Being the only island in the Great Barrier Reef with permanent road access, there is a significant reduction in infrastructure logistical costs otherwise incurred on island developments, making Pacificus incomparable to all other island tourism projects. 

Pacificus allows the implementation of an infrastructure plan that delivers sustainable development outcomes and an inter-relational approach to the provision of energy, water, communications, transportation, and food supply. Pacificus has brought together the world's greatest architects, designers, technologists, innovators, and engineers to create a revolutionary blueprint for how the environment can harmoniously co-exist with humanity; and will be world's first future-proof, self-sustaining, climate-conscious tourism resort community of its kind.

Pacificus has been identified by Tourism Australia as a key catalyst project to a range of other quality investments in the region. With over $1.5 billion in direct investment in building and construction, upon completion, the project will generate approximately $100 million p.a. of tourism expenditure into the local regional community. Domestic, interstate and international tourism expenditure is predicted to be $100 million p.a. and is set to increase over time. This major local tourism asset will attract people to migrate to the region for investment and will greatly contribute to a positive image of the area as a destination in its own right for local and international visitors.

Pacificus creates significant new local employment opportunities with an average of 190 construction jobs generated p.a. during the 17 year construction period, a further 70 jobs per year generated in the surrounding areas, a further 40 jobs per year generated per year at a state level. At completion, the project will provide 700 jobs with a further 850 flow on jobs per year from tourism. Pacificus provides rewarding career opportunities particularly younger people, permanent quality jobs on offer near their families and existing social networks. 


Pacificus has made a commitment to take a local focus that will create new long-term positions in planning, design, environmental management, engineering, construction supervision, contracting, skilled trades, equipment operation, building, tourism management, retail, and commercial. It will increase the local skill base, provide various of small businesses opportunities and is committed to engaging local companies in construction and materials. 


An ethos of “living lightly on the land” is at the forefront of Pacificus' design and planning. Each landscape element is recognised, respected and nurtured, with all buildings complementing natural forms and scale. 


This entirely new tourism destination highly values quality, sustainability, and liveability, and is set to reimagine sustainable living for future generations and elevate the Gladstone region as preeminent tourism destination in Australia. 

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